There is no better way to learn what a company believes about the product it produces than to read their warranty. The warranty is a mark of integrity, an assurance, that someone who stands behind their work built the product. Lawyer speak, legalese, fine print, and loopholes have no place in our warranty. Our warranty is plain, simple and easy to understand. Our holsters and every component of the holster are guaranteed for life. If you aren’t satisfied with your casual concealment holster, we will repair or replace the holster. We ask that you keep in mind that all Casual Concealment products are crafted by hand and might contain some slight variations. Like most hand-crafted products, the slight differences are what add character to an already excellent product.

If you ever have a problem

Do not return your damaged Casual Concealment product to the store in which it was originally purchased. Stores are not authorized to provide service under this warranty. Customers who wish to return a product should email info@casualconcealment.com to request a warranty form.